Search Engine Optimization for the Japanese market

Even if you have translated all your excellent services or products on your home page, if your targeted customers can’t get to it, it’s meaningless. In other words, just creating a Japanese website does not necessarily mean that many people will see it – it’s like putting up a sign in the desert. This is where ShapeWin’s SEO Enhancement services can help.

In Japan, 95.4% of search inquiries are done using Google’s Algorithmic System (including Yahoo), dominating all digital inquiries. In other words, Japanese SEO measures = Google SEO Measures!

For analysis, it is usually necessary to use tools such as Google Analytics or Google Search Console or tools such as SEO Pole that analyze and display all of this information in one place.

If Japanese SEO based content and infrastructure is properly executed, it can attract new customers and increase business opportunities 24/7 all year round. ShapeWin is able to enhance our client’s page search engine optimization through several services, including:

Content Strategy

Designing website content flow to maximize search results.

SEO enhancement is an ongoing effort. To keep our client’s website SEO afloat, our team analyzes search result rankings and inflow status, etc., extract issues, and make changes to content and website infrastructure in a continued effort to improve search display results.

SEO Enhancement

Quality Articles

High-quality writing content utilizing active media.

Creating articles with search keywords will increase the number of customers by making your services, products, and stores known to people who do not yet know about your company.

SEO Enhancement

SEO Encoding

Implementation of SEO measures in our client’s website HTML description.

Page structure is one of the most crucial SEO factors that makes a website appear in the top rankings of Google search results. This structure can be improved by analyzing and fixing any structural errors such as the order of headings, meta data, title text, canonical SEO tags, internal & external page links, etc. This also includes modifying content of the key tags (Title, Description, H1), as these are not allowed to overlap or lack keywords. ShapeWin improves SEO encoding with the aim to increase page display results.

SEO Enhancement

Infrastructure Technology

Improving SEO measures in terms of infrastructure technology such as increasing display speed.

No matter how good your content is or how well designed your site is, if it’s too slow, it won’t be seen or seen properly, which is why display speed is a prerequisite that takes precedence over everything else! Faster display speed is now one of the main battlegrounds of SEO. In order to improve our client’s website speed, ShapeWin’s team employs infrastructure improves such as:

  • Moving to a faster web server that can use HTTP/2
  • Optimizing social button locations & browser cache
  • Reducing the size of image file without sacrificing quality
  • Enabling infrastructure optimization technology such as “Keep alive”
  • gzip compression
  • JavaScript Asynchronization
  • Introduction of CSS sprites
  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
SEO Enhancement

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