ShapeWin is awarded Judges’ Award at the 4th Woman’s Value Awards Event

ShapeWin is awarded the “Judges’ Choice Award” at the 4th Annual Woman’s Value Award Ceremony. Each entry is thoroughly evaluated and judged by a committee consisting of female students from across Japan. (Japan article)

ShapeWin, Co., Ltd. (Shibuya Ward, Tokyo), a company that provides marketing planning support based on public relations and PR strategies, has won the Judges’ Choice Award in the corporate category at the 4th WOMAN’S VALUE AWARD held by the Japan Women’s Value Training Association (Minato Ward, Tokyo).

ShapeWin is awarded Judges' Award at the 4th Woman's Value Awards Event

WOMAN’S VALUE AWARD celebrates companies that promote the advancement of women in the workplace. 

This award ceremony, now in its fourth year, introduces and honours companies that are working in various ways to promote the career activities of women. In the past three years, more than 300 companies have entered the award program. Each entrant company’s efforts and thoughts on promoting women’s activities have been communicated to career-oriented female students during their job hunting.

<Award Eligibility>

Companies that promote the activities of women (employees)
Companies with five or more female employees (including non-regular employees)
Companies with at least two female employees who have been working for at least two years
Companies that have a maternity or childcare leave system in place
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Evaluation by a panel of judges consisting mainly of female students focused on job hunting. 
The judges do not give preferential treatment. The judges gave high marks to a company’s work philosophy and corporate culture, which highlights “not distinguishing between men, women, Japanese and non-Japanese; but to understand each individual’s background and specialties, and to respect each other by celebrating differences.”

<Awards received>

Judge’s Award, Corporate Category
Yusuke Kamimura, President of ShapeWin comments on receiving the award:
We at ShapeWin have developed a work culture that celebrates differences between people and thinks positively about the enriching aspects of workplace diversity. It is our philosophy and policy that there is no consideration of employee classification (part-time, contract, full-time), gender, or nationality regarding salary increases or corporate hierarchy.

All work assignments and positions are determined based on the amount of contribution to the company per unit of time and the contribution to the development of the corporate culture. Because of this policy, we do not have the kind of culture that requires full-time and full-commitment work to become a manager, which is often the case in traditional companies. Rather than assigning heavy responsibilities to managers, we discuss the range of responsibilities that can be taken on, thereby realizing diverse ways of working and motivating forms of management.

The fact that the WOMAN’S VALUE AWARD  judges have appreciated our ideas and what we have done, has given us further confidence in our positive work culture philosophy. We are determined to continue our efforts to adapt to the times so that all employees can play an active role in the future.”

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